Snoop Dogg Talks About Being Ghostwritten & Ghostwriting


Snoop Dogg Talks About Being Ghostwritten & Ghostwriting

Drake has dominated the Billboard Charts for a decade, but ghostwriting claims have haunted him once again recently.

The single “Mob Ties” reference track with Vory was leaked online and it reignited the conversation of where Drake’s place in hip history lays due to some not respecting his pen work having assistance at times. It should also be noted that Drake has written for major artists as well that include Kanye, Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, and Jamie Foxx. Snoop Dogg was on Shannon Sharpe and he revealed aspects of his career that some may not have known.

Shannon Sharpe spoke about ghostwriting and Snoop explained that when he wrote for others, he would write in their voice in his mind. Admittedly, he wrote for the hip hop classic, Nothing But A G Thang” full lyrics including Dr. Dre’s. What surprised Sharpe was Snoop admitting that Jay-Z wrote all of Dre Day that included his and Dr. Dre’s verse.

Ghostwriting in hip-hop is a practice shrouded in both admiration and controversy. While some view it as a testament to collaboration and creativity, others see it as a betrayal of the genre’s core values of authenticity and self-expression. A ghostwriter in hip-hop is an individual who writes lyrics for another artist without receiving public credit. This practice allows artists to maintain a steady flow of fresh content, often helping them diversify their style or explore new themes. Ghostwriters often remain behind the scenes, their contributions acknowledged only within the industry.


Ghostwriting has been a part of hip-hop since its early days. Legends like Big Daddy Kane and Grandmaster Caz have penned verses for other artists, contributing to the evolution of the genre. The practice gained mainstream attention in the mid-2000s when artists like Nas and Jay-Z were rumored to have used ghostwriters, sparking debates about authenticity in hip-hop.

The process of ghostwriting in hip-hop can vary. Some ghostwriters craft entire songs, while others might only contribute specific verses or hooks. The collaboration often involves understanding the artist’s voice, style, and persona to create lyrics that feel authentic to the performing artist. This requires a deep level of creativity and adaptability from the ghostwriter.


Some ghostwriters eventually step into the spotlight, gaining recognition for their work. Artists like Kanye West, who started as a producer and ghostwriter, have successfully transitioned to become major figures in the industry. Others, like Quentin Miller, have remained primarily behind the scenes, despite their significant contributions to popular tracks.

Ghostwriting has undoubtedly shaped the hip-hop landscape. It has allowed for a broader range of lyrical content and has enabled artists to maintain relevance in a fast-paced industry. Despite the controversies, ghostwriting remains a vital part of the creative ecosystem in hip-hop.



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