American Cinema President Chevonne O’Shaughnessy Interview


American Cinema President Chevonne O’Shaughnessy Interview

Meet Chevonne O’Shaughnessy, the visionary Co-Founder and President of American Cinema. Chevonne‘s not just a filmmaker; she’s a trailblazer dedicated to producing films that entertain and enrich lives while promoting strong moral values. She provided WorldWide Entertainment TV Media an exclusive interview about her untold story breaking into the movie business.
With an impressive career spanning pivotal roles at Quest Entertainment and PM Entertainment, Chevonne has overseen the production and sales of over 150 feature films. As the founder of American Cinema International and co-founder of ACI Inspires, her work has garnered international acclaim and graced prime-time broadcasts on esteemed platforms like USA, SyFy, and HBO Premier.
Chevonne’s passion for creating family-oriented films that resonate with messages of faith, hope, and love has struck a chord with Christian communities and audiences worldwide. Their latest endeavor, the ACI On the Go YouTube channel, boasts a staggering 650,000 subscribers, offering free, inspirational content to a global audience.


Chevonne described with WWETV what it was like trying to get her movies in different countries. “I ended up selling the world, except one territory, and the funny part was I thought it was going to be my first territory.”

The role of women in the world of movies and television is vital and O’Shaugnessy makes the point that females are in control. I think the nice thing about it is TV is still number one. I mean yes theatrical is great, but as a whole, theatrical is more of a risk. If you’re doing television, it’s more you don’t have to pay such huge amounts and you can get it out. And women at the end of the day are controlling the remote control in the evening of the houses.

Chevonne O’Shaugnessy


The new streaming platforms that have come along since her start in the business is something that American Cinema has been able to adapt to. Cheyonne states, “You have to know how to get to your clients and we were lucky enough when we started it that we were really into the mom and pops, we were into the preacher’s kids you know and we really developed that”.


Her latest endeavor, ACI On the Go, a YouTube channel with over 650,000 subscribers, offers free, inspirational content globally. In the interview, she delves into her mission to produce entertainment that not only entertains but also encourages viewers to reflect on their values and beliefs, making her a pivotal figure in Christian entertainment.

The Future of Dubbing: How AI is Revolutionizing Film Localization

The impact of Artificial Intelligence has been a raging debate in society and in Hollywood there has been a divisive opinion on what the future holds. O’Shaugnessy discussed how she has worked the technology into her company of American Cinema.

Yeah, I think it’s changing everything. Right now, I’m using AI in my office to handle logistics because we have 1000 hours of content. This includes uploading it to various platforms like Tubi and Pluto. We also have content in different languages—English, Spanish, and Portuguese—so AI helps with tagging and organizing.

We use a program that integrates with ChatGPT, making the process of uploading content much easier compared to manually bringing people in for the task.

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