Kevin Hart Faces Multimillion-Dollar Lawsuit Over 2017 Extortion Scandal


Kevin Hart Faces Multimillion-Dollar Lawsuit Over 2017 Extortion Scandal

Kevin Hart is now entangled in a multimillion-dollar lawsuit from his former friend J.T. Jackson, stemming from the infamous 2017 sex tape extortion scandal. Jackson alleges that Hart failed to honor their settlement agreement, which included a public apology.

Court documents obtained by TMZ reveal that Jackson claims Hart initially made baseless accusations against him regarding his involvement in filming and distributing the sex tape featuring Hart and Montia Sabbag. In 2021, they purportedly reached a settlement where Hart agreed to publicly apologize to help restore Jackson’s reputation.

However, Jackson contends that Hart deviated from their agreed-upon statement during the public apology, omitting a crucial part where Hart was supposed to state that Jackson had no involvement in any extortion plot. Jackson believes this omission has hindered his ability to rehabilitate his public image and career.


To recap, Jackson faced four charges related to the tape: attempted extortion, attempted concealment and sale of stolen property, unauthorized use of personal ID, and identity theft. These charges were eventually dropped.

Jackson is suing Hart for breach of contract, infliction of emotional distress, and more, seeking at least $12 million in damages. He claims this ordeal has caused significant emotional and professional setbacks for both him and his wife, further strained by the fractured relationship with Hart.

“It’s been three years since Kevin promised to help clear my name, to no avail. So here we are. Through this lawsuit, I aim to restore my reputation, seek accountability, and ensure that such injustices do not happen to others,” Jackson told TMZ.

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