Tony Yayo Says Pressa, Bundog, Top5 Are Wild In Canada

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Tony Yayo Says Pressa, Bundog, Top5 Are Wild In Canada

Drake’s rap beef with Kendrick Lamar started an international incident in recent times.


It had nearly everyone weighing in and continues to be a hot topic among fans and rappers from both sides of the border. Top5 quickly expressed his displeasure with The Weeknd’s appearance at Kendrick’s Pop Out concert in Los Angeles.

He aired out fellow Toronto artist on social media. “@theweeknd you started doing coke now [you’re] from Compton?” he wrote on his Instagram Story. “Wait till my GGs see you.” The Weeknd has yet to respond to the apparent threat, but social media users were quick to mock Top5 for targeting The Weeknd, who appeared uninterested in escalating the situation.


Tony Yayo recently revealed that more people might have wanted to share their opinions on the feud but chose not to, fearing it could affect their ability to travel to Canada.

In an interview with VladTV, Tony Yayo explained, “You can’t really give your opinion because nggas still wanna go to Canada. You don’t wanna say something about Drake and now you can’t go to Canada. You got wild n**as in Canada like Pressa, Bun, and Top5.”

While Yayo’s claims are still debatable to some fans in the United States who have never been to the city of Toronto or the country of Canada.

Pressa has been interviewed with WorldWide Entertainment TV in the past. He was promoting his latest music video and single at the time as you can see below.

This hasn’t been the first time Tony Yayo has talked about Pressa and BFR’s Bun Dog. Bundog once took to his Twitter account to reveal a conversation Tony Yayo had about doing a Toronto documentary through 50 Cent and G Unit film division.

“Tony Yayo told 50 he need to do the Toronto documentary because it ain’t sweet out here. They asked me if i could be the one to tell the story. Catch us on FOX,” said the founder of BFR records. Tony Yayo has also spoke with BFR’s Pressa about getting into acting. Pressa also informed his followers of Tony Yayo’s plans for him. “S/o @TonyYayo gettin me into acting classes whole new chapter,” said the “Canada Goose” rapper.

Tony Yayo commended Kendrick Lamar for his exceptional talent in uniting rival gang members from Los Angeles. He emphasized Kendrick’s star power, attributing his success in part to the steadfast support from the West Coast, irrespective of gang affiliations.

Yayo shared a personal experience in LA that illustrated the city’s deep-rooted gang dynamics. During a cannabis business meeting, Yayo found himself in a risky situation in a predominantly Mexican neighborhood. Unaware of the local tensions between Blacks and Mexicans, he quickly sensed the potential danger when he overheard locals making suspicious comments about his presence.

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