DJ Akademiks & Vlad Predict Diddy Indictment Coming


DJ Akademiks & Vlad Predict Diddy Indictment Coming

A grand jury has been assembled in the ongoing case.

Diddy has faced significant legal challenges over the past year, starting with a lawsuit from his ex-girlfriend Cassie, accusing him of sexual assault and sex trafficking. Following this, the music mogul has been hit with other similar lawsuits and allegations. Additionally, a video showing Diddy abusing Cassie in a hotel hallway has left many in shock. As events unfold, there is much speculation about the mogul’s future.

Currently, a grand jury has been formed in New York, allowing the state to present evidence for the jury to decide whether an indictment is warranted. In a recent interview with DJ Akademiks, DJ Vlad expressed a high level of certainty—99 percent—that an indictment is forthcoming. Akademiks agreed, pointing out that Diddy recently deleted everything from his Instagram page, which they believe is a sign of preparing for the inevitable.

Despite these two hip hop personalities giving their opinions on this matter, it still remains speculation on their part. However, Vlad suggested that if he were in Diddy’s position, he would consider fleeing the country given the severity of the situation and Diddy’s age. Only time will reveal what will happen next. As of now, Diddy has denied all allegations and remains confident that his name will be cleared.

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