DJ Akademiks Responds to Rape Allegations, Labels Lawsuit as Extortion


DJ Akademiks Responds to Rape Allegations, Labels Lawsuit as Extortion


Following the emergence of a new lawsuit alleging rape and defamation against him, DJ Akademiks has addressed the situation, denouncing it as an extortion attempt.

In a live session on Rumble on Tuesday (May 14), shortly after news of the lawsuit surfaced, Akademiks addressed the allegations head-on. Asserting transparency, he stated, “I’m not even hiding and ducking from a situation or ducking from the narrative that happened.” He emphasized cooperation with law enforcement, providing evidence, including video footage, and reiterated the lack of criminal liability for himself and others involved.

However, Akademiks suggested that the lawsuit represents a money-driven agenda rather than a quest for justice. He characterized it as a “shakedown,” insinuating ulterior motives behind the legal action.


The lawsuit, filed by Fauziya Abashe on Monday (May 13) in New Jersey Superior Court, accuses Akademiks, born Livingston Allen, of rape and defamation. Abashe alleges multiple instances of assault, claiming she was drugged by two men before being assaulted by Akademiks himself in July 2022 at his residence.

Abashe initially remained silent about the incident until December, when Akademiks publicly commented on the matter, alleging that she willingly participated in a threesome with unidentified individuals. In response, Abashe released a video refuting these claims and has now opted to pursue legal recourse.

In a statement provided to XXL, Abashe expressed confidence in the legal process, aiming to shed light on her experience to prevent similar occurrences for others. Her attorney, Tyrone Blackburn, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that legal action was a last resort following failed attempts at private resolution.

As the legal proceedings unfold, DJ Akademiks faces the challenge of defending himself against the allegations while navigating the complexities of a highly publicized legal battle as he works on creating content.

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