Infamous Hell’s Angel Revealed In Drake’s Family Matters Video

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Infamous Hell’s Angel Revealed In Drake’s Family Matters Video

Who Was That Man With The Red Bandana in Family Matters?

The rivalry between Drake and Kendrick Lamar is epic and when the music video for “Family Matters” dropped many thought Drake took the W, but Kendrick fired back quickly with “Not Like Us.”

The title of the track was seen as a direct response to Lamar questioning Drake’s parenting on “Europhia.” The Toronto rapper replied, “You mentioned my seed, now deal with his dad/I gotta go bad, I gotta go bad.” He also took a shot at Rick Ross who had a music video dissing him during all the hoopla.


Addressing the fallout from his “Taylor Made Freestyle,” which used AI to emulate 2Pac’s vocals and drew a cease-and-desist from 2Pac’s estate, Drake dismisses the legal action as insignificant, rapping, “A cease-and-desist is for hoes/Can’t listen to lies that come out of your mouth/You called the 2Pac Estate/And begged ’em to sue me and get that shit down.”

Drake’s most biting attack on Lamar comes towards the end of the song, where he insinuates domestic abuse allegations against Lamar, a claim for which there’s no public evidence. This marks the third track from Drake this spring aimed at Lamar, following “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle,” indicating ongoing tension sparked by We Don’t Trust You’s “Like That.”


DJ Akademiks was trying to decipher all elements of the music video and was stumped.  Ak recounted asking Drake to notify him before releasing anything so he could react to it live. Drake responded by giving him a mere 30-minute heads-up, prompting Ak to urgently rally his crew to rush home. He instructed them to expedite their departure, even considering breaking traffic rules if necessary. With some quick maneuvering, Ak made it home just ten minutes before the anticipated release.


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In a call in DJ Akademiks on his live stream, it was discovered that the man towards the ending of the music video was none other than Andrew Curnew.


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Curnew is renowned for hosting extravagant and lively gatherings at their lavish estate in the Bridle Path neighborhood, just a stone’s throw away from Drake’s residence in one of Canada’s most affluent areas. Among these events was a celebration for Jeremy Bieber, a close friend of Curnew, which saw the attendance of Jeremy’s famous son, Justin Bieber.

Despite spending a cumulative nine years behind bars due to convictions related to assault, drugs, and firearms in 2003—a verdict he contests and actively seeks a review for—Curnew maintains a prominent presence in high society circles.

Following his legal struggles, Curnew pursued higher education, earning an MBA, and transitioned into a role as a “serial entrepreneur” and philanthropist, evidently achieving notable success in these endeavors.

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