Down South Artist Capital Ferg On Being Inspired By Outkast & T.I.

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Down South Artist Capital Ferg On Being Inspired By Outkast & T.I.

Capital Ferg joins WorldWide Entertainment TV for his first ever interview to discuss his latest music and what inspired him to get into the music business.

A late-blooming dynamo from the South, Capital Ferg combines Ludacris-styled rhymes with the catchy pop/RnB vocals reminiscent of Justin Timberlake. Bursting onto the scene just last month, Stephen, also known as Capital Ferg, penned and recorded his debut hip-hop track, “Throne of God,” while parked in a Walmart parking lot on a rainy evening. Since then, he’s been on a creative tear, crafting pop-infused hip-hop and RnB originals while putting his unique spin on classics from the likes of Dr. Dre, Mobb Deep, and Teddy Swims.


Despite his Atlanta roots and role as a father of three, Capital Ferg’s emergence seemed sudden to many. His journey into music began as a coping mechanism during a dark period in his life, transitioning from poetry to rap and ultimately releasing his material on platforms like Spotify through the online hip-hop community Rapchat. With a knack for self-taught beat-making on BandLab and the support of a sound engineer met through Rapchat, Capital Ferg has swiftly released over ten songs in just a month.

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