Kurupt Urges Drake & Kendrick To Cease Ongoing Rap Feud

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Kurupt Urges Drake & Kendrick To Cease Ongoing Rap Feud

Hailing from the West Coast, Kurupt brings a seasoned perspective to the table. Having been deeply entrenched in the music scene during the East-West Coast rivalry of the 1990s, he’s witnessed firsthand the intensity of such conflicts. With the ongoing clash between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, reminiscent of the Biggie and ‘Pac era, Kurupt offers his insights and a cautionary note to both parties.

Appearing on the Bootleg Kev Show on May 7, Kurupt shared his thoughts on the feud. Listening to Lamar’s track “Not Like Us” for the first time, he expressed admiration, acknowledging its impact. However, he swiftly shifted gears, highlighting the potential dangers of the escalating tension between two major rap figures. He cautioned against the risks, emphasizing the unpredictability of such situations, where even minor incidents could be misconstrued as retaliatory strikes.


Kurupt was particularly alarmed when informed of the recent shooting incident outside Drake’s Toronto residence. This only strengthened his stance against the feud, as he stressed the importance of valuing life over petty conflicts. “This is real,” he emphasized, urging Drake and Lamar to either settle their differences amicably or refrain from further provocation.

Drawing from his own experiences, Kurupt pointed out the distinction between rap battles and genuine threats to safety. He highlighted the need for restraint and maturity, advocating for a resolution through music rather than escalating tensions to potentially dangerous levels. Reflecting on past conflicts like the notorious feud between ‘Pac and Biggie, he emphasized the gravity of such situations and urged both artists to approach their disagreements with caution.

While the recent shooting incident at Drake’s mansion may not directly relate to the ongoing feud, its timing raises suspicions among fans. Regardless, Kurupt’s message remains clear: prioritize peace over pointless disputes, and let the music speak louder than any feud ever could.

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