Lil Cease Says Diss Tracks Today Aren’t Aggressive Enough

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Lil Cease Says Diss Tracks Today Aren’t Aggressive Enough

Lil Cease believes diss tracks today don’t get you mad!

Junior Mafia was embroiled in one of the most heated rap feuds ever when Tupac took aim at Diddy, Lil Cease, Lil Kim, and Biggie Smalls on the classic “Hit ‘Em Up.” He voices his opinion on rap battles of today after the hysteria surrounding Kendrick Lamar and Drake and all the other peripheral acts attached to it.

Lil Cease believes “That diss track is suppose to hurt your feelings, it’s suppose to make you mad and wanna come back to tear ish up.” The New York rapper must have relayed the emotions he had when he heard Tupac‘s “Hit ‘Em Up” the first time as “Hit ‘Em Up” was released in 1996. It’s widely regarded as one of the most aggressive and inflammatory diss tracks in hip-hop history.


In the song, Tupac directly targets several East Coast rappers, most notably The Notorious B.I.G., Bad Boy Records, and Mobb Deep, accusing them of various offenses and disrespecting him. The lyrics are filled with profanity, threats, and personal attacks, escalating the already tense rivalry between the East Coast and West Coast hip-hop scenes during the 1990s. “Hit ‘Em Up” sparked controversy and further fueled the infamous East Coast-West Coast hip-hop feud, which tragically culminated in the deaths of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G.

Hear what Lil Cease had to say below about comparing eras in terms of diss songs.


Lil Cease discussed 2Pac’s release of “Hit ‘Em Up” and Biggie instructing Junior M.A.F.I.A. to refrain from retaliating. According to Lil Cease, Biggie felt “hurt” by the situation and expressed a desire to engage in a conversation with 2Pac. Reflecting on the aftermath, Lil Cease recounted hearing the song played in clubs and likened being mentioned by 2Pac in a song to the modern-day impact of having Drake mention someone’s name.

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