The Mysteries of Kendrick Lamar’s Pop Out Concert and 2pac’s Legacy

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The Mysteries of Kendrick Lamar’s Pop Out Concert and 2pac’s Legacy

Kendrick pulled one of the greatest moments in hip hop history on Juneteenth 2024 and the rap world is still reeling over the Tupac connections.


The show format to the clothing was inspired by the west coast legend of 2Pac. In a move to show that Drake was not correct in his stance on the “Taylor Made Freestyle,” KDot made sure he had the west coast represented with both old and new generation.

During the concert, Kendrick Lamar also made mention that he wanted Drake to hand back the ring once held by Tupac Shakur. The show did not have west coast legends The Game and Snoop in attendance, but both showed their admiration for the event by taking to social media.

The Game seems to be taking some heat in Los Angele not taking any sides by being a friend to Drake as the two men have a single and music video together from years ago.



Tupac Shakur and Kendrick Lamar share similarities in their focus on social issues and their impact on hip-hop, but they each bring a unique voice and style to the genre. Tupac’s legacy as a passionate, revolutionary artist continues to inspire, while Kendrick’s sophisticated, boundary-pushing work marks him as a leading voice in contemporary music.

Tupac is seen as a pioneer who laid the groundwork for many artists to come. Both artists address social issues, including racism and inequality. Tupac’s lyrics are often more direct and raw, reflecting the immediate struggles of his time. Kendrick’s lyrics are complex and layered, often exploring deeper psychological and societal issues.

Comparing Tupac Shakur and Kendrick Lamar involves looking at their impact on hip-hop, their lyrical themes, and their cultural influence. Both are considered influential artists in their respective eras, and they share similarities while also having distinct differences. The world could only imagine if Tupac was alive and he was able to attend the Kendrick Lamar event.

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