The Game Addresses Absence from Kendrick Lamar’s Concert


The Game Addresses Absence from Kendrick Lamar’s Concert

The Game wants to set the record straight and avoid any further drama.

On June 20, The Game took to Instagram Live to address rumors about a supposed feud with Kendrick Lamar. He was frustrated by the speculation that his absence from Lamar’s “Pop Out” concert on Juneteenth was due to a rift between them. During the live session, The Game also clarified his stance on the relationship with both Kendrick Lamar and Drake, a topic that has sparked controversy in recent months.


First and foremost, The Game dispelled the notion that he was siding with Drake over his fellow Compton rapper. He praised Kendrick Lamar’s “Pop Out” show, calling it an “amazing” event and commending Lamar for his generosity in sharing the spotlight. The Game emphasized that he holds no ill will toward Kendrick and acknowledged his significant contributions to the hip-hop community.

Simultaneously, The Game reiterated his unwavering support for Drake. “As far as my relationship with Drake,” he said, “Drake is my n**ga, I f*ck with Drake.” He expressed gratitude for Drake’s loyalty and support, noting how the 6 God has been there for him and his family whenever needed. “My loyalty is with muthaf**kas that’s loyal to me,” he added. “Drizzy, he know what the f*ck it is when he see me.”

By addressing these rumors head-on, The Game made it clear that he values his friendships with both Kendrick Lamar and Drake, underscoring the importance of loyalty and mutual respect in the rap industry.


Fans of course came up with their own conclusions about the situation. One X user doubts The Game’s statement about being okay with not being there for the reunion, stating that he was angry for being left off the SuperBowl half time show. Others stated how that was not a comparable situation and much more as seen below.


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