Biggie’s Mom Voletta Wallace Angry Towards Diddy Over Allegations


Biggie’s Mom Voletta Wallace Angry Towards Diddy Over Allegations

Voletta Wallace, mother of the late rapper The Notorious B.I.G., has voiced her frustrations with Sean Combs, also known as Diddy, as the hip-hop mogul faces numerous accusations of violent behavior. Wallace shared her deep sense of anger as allegations of abuse and inappropriate conduct against Combs continue to surface.

“I’m sick to my stomach,” the 71-year-old told Rolling Stone following the magazine’s six-month investigation into the claims against Combs. “I’m praying for Cassie. I’m praying for his mother. I don’t want to believe the things that I’ve heard, but I’ve seen [the hotel video]. I pray that he apologizes to her.”

Wallace further expressed her outrage, stating, “I hope that I see Sean one day and the only thing I want to do is slap the daylights out of him,” adding, “And you can quote me on that. Because I liked him. I didn’t want to believe all the awful things, but I’m so ashamed and embarrassed.”


Additionally, Wallace believes that Combs owes apologies beyond just his victims. “He needs to apologize to his mother,” she said. “I hope to God he sits her down and spills his guts and apologizes to her.”

Following a lawsuit filed by Cassie in November 2023, which was settled within days, multiple women have accused Combs of criminal violence, including rape and physical abuse, in subsequent legal actions. In March 2024, Combs’ properties in Miami and Los Angeles were raided by the United States Department of Homeland Security in connection with a sex trafficking investigation.

In response to the allegations, Combs’ lawyer, Jonathan Davis, issued a statement: “Mr. Combs cannot comment on settled litigation, will not comment on pending litigation, and cannot address every allegation picked up by the press from any source, no matter how unreliable. We are aware that the proper authorities are conducting a thorough investigation and therefore have confidence any important issues will be addressed in the proper forum, where the rules distinguish facts from fiction.”

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