Michael Jackson ‘Innocent’ Trends On Twitter After Wade Robson’s Lawsuit Dismissed

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Michael Jackson ‘Innocent’ Trends On Twitter After Wade Robson’s Lawsuit Dismissed

Twitter is abuzz with discussions about Michael Jackson and the term ‘innocent’ following a judge’s dismissal of a lawsuit against the late singer’s companies filed by Wade Robson, who accused Jackson of sexual abuse.

In a recent ruling, a judge in Los Angeles sided with Jackson’s estate, stating that the entities had no legal obligation to protect Robson from any alleged molestation as they had no relationship with him.

The legal battle dates back to 2013 when Robson sued Jackson, claiming the pop icon sexually abused him for a decade and alleging that the companies associated with Jackson facilitated the misconduct.

Following the court’s decision, “MJInnocent” began trending on Twitter, with many of Jackson’s fans celebrating the outcome.

The ruling emphasized, “There is no evidence to support (Robson’s) claim that (Jackson’s Companies) exercised control over Jackson.” It further clarified, “The evidence indicates that (the companies) lacked legal authority to control Jackson due to his complete ownership of them. Without control, there is no special relationship or obligation.”

In response to the victory, Michael Jackson’s estate released a statement, highlighting that this was the third time the court had ruled against Robson, dismissing his claims as lacking merit and necessitating no trial.

However, the legal battle may not be over yet. Robson’s attorney expressed their intent to appeal the decision to the appellate court, and if necessary, to the Supreme Court. They argued that allowing the ruling to stand would endanger children in the entertainment industry, leaving them vulnerable to abuse by individuals in positions of power. They affirmed their commitment to ensuring the safety of all children.

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