10 Underrated Romantic Movies Everyone Should See


10 Underrated Romantic Movies Everyone Should See

Love…whatever it is – complex, beautiful, inaccessible, it can defeat all obstacles in its path, leaving a feeling of all-consuming happiness. What difficulties arise between two loving hearts, what people sacrifice for it, what makes you love – underrated romantic movies are about this and much more.

  1.     Chocolat, 2000

A young woman named Vianne and her little daughter went to a small town in France with a measured and quiet life where absolutely nothing portended any changes. And some time later she ran an unusual business – a chocolate shop, where she literally guessed the tastes of her customers. Soon visitors understood that her sweets had unique properties. And Vianne, meanwhile, met a man who could guess her desires…

By the way, are you dating or hanging out? Sometimes it is not easy to understand.

  1.     Letters to Juliet, 2010

Do you believe that once you meet your gaze with a person, you can forever fall in love with his or her eyes and half a century later return to searches in a foreign country? The love story of two elderly hearts, which came together only after 50 years, can’t leave anyone indifferent.

  1.     If Beale Street Could Talk, 2018

The relationship between Tish and Fonny was like a fairy tale: love at first sight, romantic evenings, passionate nights. Care, love, and idyll overwhelmed the couple until a terrible thing happened: Fonny was accused of a crime that he didn’t commit. All that remains is monthly meetings and faith in each other and their love.

  1.     The Vow, 2012

During their honeymoon, Paige and Leo got in a car accident. While his wife was in a coma, Leo didn’t leave her bed for an hour, but the girl’s return to life was overshadowed by a loss of memory – she didn’t recognize her beloved and didn’t remember their relationship. And then Leo decided to re-win Page’s heart.

  1.     Love and Other Drugs, 2010

Jamie has been trying all his life to prove to himself that he was no worse than his younger brother, who has become a successful businessman. To achieve financial stability, the guy gets a job as a drug dealer in a pharmaceutical company. And once he met the beautiful Maggie in the hospital…

  1.     Morning Glory, 2010

For a young and purposeful Becky Fuller, a black streak in life came. She broke up with her boyfriend and she was fired from the local news program. But getting into a third-rate morning show, she wanted to take to a new level.

  1.     Blue Valentine, 2011

Over time, love, which at first glance seems limitless, can change its course. Sometimes relationships that seemed reliable for two can ruin. Will the main characters be able to defeat their frustrations and grievances and maintain those great feelings that at first seemed eternal to them?

  1.     Going The Distance, 2010

Garrett recently broke up with his girlfriend and was absolutely sure that he would never meet a new love. But fate gave him another chance, and he met the unusual, witty and sincere girl Erin, with whom he immediately found a common language.

  1.     Midnight in Paris, 2011

A writer and a hopeless romantic, confident that he should have lived in the 1920s, came to Paris with his sweetheart for the holidays and went back in the past. Meeting there with Hemingway, Picasso, the Fitzgerald family, and Gertrude Stein, he realized that he belonged to that time and wanted to stay there forever.

  1. The English Patient, 1996

The Second World War was drawing to a close. A young Canadian nurse took care of her English patient in an abandoned villa, who suffered terrible burns during a plane crash in the Sahara desert. Slowly fading away, he recalled her his whole life.



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