What makes your house, a ‘home’? What makes you fall in love with the place you live in? What makes a brick and mortar structure livable, and enriching?

It’s the sheer beauty and artistic energy that beams from the home!

And you would agree on it as well – one of the best ways to enhance the beauty of your house is to get some oil paintings to adorn the walls. However, when it comes to art, there are hundreds and thousands of masterpieces and reproduced art of different kinds, themes, and colors, that it becomes virtually impossible for one to choose the most suited masterpiece for one’s own house.


Worry no more! In this post, we share with you a detailed step-by-step guide to help you choose the best oil paintings for your house. Starting from deciding what painting would be best suited for your walls, to finally going out and buying it, this guide covers it all.


Step 1 – Choose a Theme

The first and foremost step in the process of choosing an oil painting is to decide upon the theme of the painting you would like to have. Well, this depends upon the room and the wall you are looking to put it on.

For example, if you are looking for a painting for your living room wall, it should bear a lively, enchanting, and attractive theme. The painting may also depict spirituality, emotions, family bonding, etc. However, if you are looking for an oil painting to be put in the bedroom, it would have to be something calmer, caressing, soft and muted.

Handmade reproductions of famous paintings and replica can also be great options to consider. You can explore some here. However, make sure your theme to be as broad as possible, and not something extremely specific limiting.

Step 2 – Pick your Color Pallet

Once you have decided upon a broad theme, your next step should be to pick a color pallet for your art acquisition. The same rule goes here – vibrant and cheerful colors for living room, corridors, etc., and muted, soothing colors for bedrooms.


However, an additional factor that needs to be considered while picking a color pallet is the color of the wall that you plan to put the painting on. Ensure that the painting has colors that contrast with that of the wall, and stand out to be distinctly noticeable.

Step 3 – Decide the Type of Painting

Next, you may consider choosing a type of paintings that you would like to have on your walls. You may have oil paintings, handmade reproductions, a replica, water paintings, abstract paintings, and a lot of other kinds and schools of painting.

You may also skip this step, but it is always better to be as specific as possible before going out into the marketplace, looking for your perfect piece amongst the sea of the options available.

Step 4 – Browse Online

Once you have decided upon the theme, colors, and type of the painting that you would like to have, now it’s the time to go out, explore, and see what all options are available, as per your preferences that you have identified. For this, the best way is to browse online an art gallery or a good marketplace of handmade reproductions. Here, you can simply apply the filters as per what you want to buy, and look at what all is available, along with the details and price of each piece. This step takes you almost towards your final destination – buying a perfectly suited painting for your home!

Step 5 – Choose Your Painting!

After having explored all the options of oil paintings that are available online for you to buy, here is the final step – finally buying one! However, this is the stage where you have to take the final decision, and it can still be confusing. At this stage, one should stop being technically correct, and listen to the heart. In other words, simply select the painting that warms your heart the most. If there’s one that has won your heart over, waste no time further and simply place the order, ASAP!

An online gallery offers a complete framework for the selection, purchase, payment, and delivery of the artifacts that you would want to buy. Make sure that you have considered all the aspects of the painting and are fully convinced before placing the order.

If all goes well (which it will!), your painting will be delivered at your doorstep within a few days of placing the order, and boom! you are done with the seemingly uphill task of buying a painting for your home.

If you follow the above steps in your pursuit of buying the perfect painting, you will certainly end up not regretting your purchase at a later stage. So let’s recall! – Decide a theme, choose a color pallet, and decide the type of painting you want to buy, browse online for the various options, select your piece and place the order. There you go! We wish you all the best, may you get the painting you best desire. 🙂

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