Joe Budden States Drake & Kendrick Have Nuclear Disses Ready


Joe Budden States Drake & Kendrick Have Nuclear Disses Ready

In the midst of ongoing drama involving Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, Drake has made moves to reclaim his standing in the rap world.

The recent buzz surrounding Hip Hop’s “Big Three” has been fueled by Kendrick’s disses directed at both Drake and Cole in Future and Metro Boomin’s track “Like That.”

Cole retaliated with his own bars on “7 Minute Drill,” only to later retract his diss and publicly apologize to Kendrick during Dreamville Festival.

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While Drake hasn’t directly addressed Kendrick’s shots, he’s subtly asserted himself on social media, showcasing his achievements. Recently, on April 9th, he posted on his Instagram Stories a snapshot of two Billboard Music Awards he won in 2023 for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Album, alongside 21 Savage. His caption, “@21savage wipe down,” seemed to hint at his continued success.

As fans anticipate Drake’s official response, Kendrick’s verse on “Like That” is rumored to have strained Drake’s relationship with J. Cole. On a recent episode of the New Rory & Mal podcast, Mal disclosed that Drake expressed uncertainty about appearing at Dreamville Festival due to concerns surrounding “7 Minute Drill.”

Drake’s hesitation seemed to stem from the need to adjust lyrics and potentially use the platform to retaliate against Kendrick. The podcast quoted Drake questioning if they should perform “First Person Shooter” and whether they’d have to constantly diss Kendrick to maintain relevance.

The lyrics of “First Person Shooter” by Cole had previously praised Kendrick, complicating the situation further.

Speculation swirls that Drake might be gearing up for a lyrical showdown with Kendrick. A recent Instagram Story shared by Drake hinted at him being in the creative zone, showing what appeared to be a sports locker room with the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, a notebook, and a pen, suggesting he’s preparing to craft some impactful verses.

Joe Budden says Drake & Kendrick Lamar BOTH have diss records ready to release at any moment. “What I’m hearing from both sides, it’s nuclear… it’s up, and I’m hearing this from people who can rap” “He (Drake) did it and people heard it, I heard it’s coming (soon) and it’s BAD” Get ready for WAR… potentially this Friday.

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