Film Maker Arthur Muhammad Talks TWELVE Movie (exclusive)


Film Maker Arthur Muhammad Talks TWELVE Movie (exclusive)

Film Director Arthur Muhammad speaks with WorldWide Entertainment TV Media about his latest movie entitled TWELVE.

A family gathering turns into an eerie game of confession in the new comedy thriller TWELVE by writer and director ARTHUR MUHAMMAD. Following the death of the family patriarch Pops, played by TED LANGE (The Love Boat), the family returns home and decides to take comfort in the age-old tradition of playing dominoes as they fondly reminisce about Pops. The game takes a turn when unbeknownst to them, they become trapped in the house and won’t be able to escape until long hidden family secrets are brought to light.

“The number twelve represents a lot of things in the movie,” explains Muhammad. “The game of dominoes begins with the number twelve or laying down of the big six. The history of dominoes is also very interesting as they were originally made from animal bones, thus the nickname for the game “bones.” So, the metaphor of bones is prevalent throughout the film as the skeletons start coming out of the closet.” The film also stars LANCE E. NICHOLS (Treme, The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons, Queen of the South, NCIS: New Orleans), TIFFANY BLACK (P-Valley, Hause of Vicious) and NORMAN NIXON, JR. (Grey’s Anatomy).

As with all his films, Muhammad seeks not only to entertain but also to inform, inspire and incite conversation and critical thinking while imparting impactful life lessons to audiences. “My primary desire for audiences watching the film is that they grasp the liberating power of truth,” says Muhammad. “I aim for the message to resonate that any hidden secrets or skeletons in one’s closet will inevitably come to light, underscoring the importance of living a life grounded in honesty.” TWELVE is further proof that Muhammad’s creativity knows no bounds having written, produced, and directed a variety of features in drama, rom-com, faith, and more, all while generating a prolific collection of popular features. His filmography includes Carter High (starring Charles S. Dutton, Vivica A. Fox, Pooch Hall, Reginald C. Hayes, David Banner), First Impression (starring Lamman Rucker, Lisa Arrindell, Carl Anthony Payne II, David Mann, Tamela J. Mann and Elise Neal), Solitaire, Sweet Justice, The Lil Voice, Gutta Mamis, and The Starter Marriage.

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