Top 10 Movies and Series about College

Top 10 Movies and Series about College

College life is interesting and filled with lots of surprising and memorable moments. Check out the top 10 most appealing movies that will remind you of the best years of your life.

College years are the best, and there is hardly anyone who can doubt this statement. It is surely related to much responsibility, tons of new assignments to be done, and projects to be accomplished, but nothing can overcome the unique time of socializing, making new friends, and entertaining.

Do you stay on campus? You should definitely organize the movie night by watching one of the most interesting college-related films. Exciting plots, flawless humor, and a range of other elements will contribute to your time. Choosing the best movie for the night, you can consider different options, focusing either on classic old movies or extraordinary new ones. Both types of films will highlight different aspects of student’s life and will guarantee excellent time spent with fellow learners.

Thus, make sure you have accomplished all the assignments you had and dealt with other issues so that you can relax and relish the evening. Check out the services offered by, which may help you in emergency instances when you find it challenging to cope without extra assistance. Contact experienced writers to get qualified help with your tedious assignments if you do not want to miss a chance to get together with your friends for a movie night.

Are you done with the preparatory stage? Isn’t there anything that will interrupt you? Then, it is the right time to look through an extensive list of the best movies you will surely like.

Old School

The first movie that comes to the minds of most college students is Old School. An unconventional comedy describes the story of former college friends who decide to relish the college experience once again and open up a fraternity near their alma mater.

National Lampoon’s Van Wilder

Right after the release, the movie was heavily criticized, but it never affected its popularity. Released in 2002, it has remained appreciated till now. It tells a story of a goofball who has a good heart and is always ready to share his knowledge.

The Waterboy

Released in 1998, the movie remains one of the most watched and appreciated college-related movies. The film tells a story of a socially challenged adult boy who assists the football team at the University of Louisiana. A complete loser manages to face his struggles, turn back, enroll in college and start the new life he deserves.


If you strive to relish a delightful and fun evening watching a comedy film, you may consider Accepted as a top option. Although the movie is not really new, it emphasizes exciting aspects of college life. A group of high school graduates starts their own college, as they are rejected from the existing ones. Can you imagine the plot? It is a funny story about persistence, goal orientation, and determination that are frequently rewarding.

The Social Network

The biography movie, released in 2010, became an immediate hit. A Harvard student who was a computer genius and launched the social network will impress you with authentic ideas and unique thoughts. It takes him six years to make him a billionaire. At the same time, there are two sides to each coin, so personal struggles, legal issues, and other problems are also depicted in the movie.

The Internship

An excellent comedy will make your movie night filled with fun and laughter. The story tells about two men who graduate from college and get enrolled in an internship program. It is indispensable to mention that these are not young graduates but rather adult men who compete for an opportunity to get employed by a reputable company. So, if you want to understand what awaits you after graduation, it is the exact movie for you to watch.

Everybody Wants Some!

The movie was released in 2016 but did not get the appreciation it deserved. However, it is still one of the favorite films of college students. The movie emphasizes the specifications of a student’s life in the late ‘70s and ‘80s, telling the story of several baseball players. Love, lust, school, game, and other aspects of their lives and activities are revealed in the movie.

Pitch Perfect

There are several movie franchises, but the initial one is always the best. The events happen at Barden University, with the rivalry between The Treblemakers and the Barden Bellas being described in detail. The movie is funny and entertaining, as it depicts real-life situations and specifications of college life.

Real Genius

Although it is one of the oldest movies college students can watch, it is the exact one that will not leave you indifferent. The action takes place at the Pacific Technical University, where two gifted students are working on a laser project for a greedy old professor. However, their work is never boring, as they find interesting ways to have fun interim.

Mona Lisa Smile

Julia Roberts starring in the movie makes it even more appealing. The famous actress plays Katherine Ann Watson, who is a wise graduate student who shares her heart and mind with other students teaching them art history. A new approach to studying, interesting thinking parents, and unorthodox methods make her one of the most influential and respected teachers at Wellesley College.

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