Napoleon States Michael Jackson Worked With Biggie To Spite 2Pac

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Napoleon States Michael Jackson Worked With Biggie To Spite 2Pac

Napoleon chimes in on the whole Michael Jackson debate surrounding Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. in response to QDIII past comment.

Napoleon was close to Tupac Shakur and was a member of Outlawz group. He was around the Death Row era of Tupac and was in studio sessions with the iconic rapper. 

He also made another comment against the claims made by QD3 that Michael Jackson turned down a Tupac feature. “He was called to the studio to do a verse for Michael Jackson,” Napoleon explained on Cam Capone News. “He told his mother. He told his family, he was excited. Then he went to the studio and he’s like, ‘Where’s Michael Jackson?’ They was like, ‘Oh, he can’t come. He went to lay a verse.’”

Years later Michael Jackson was again sampled for two Tupac posthumous releases. In 2001 on Tupac’s ‘Until The End Of Time’ album, the single ‘Letter2 My Unborn,’ sampled Jackson’s 1987 hit ‘Liberian Girl.’ Then two years later, 2003, Tupac’s ‘They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us‘ echoed Jackson’s ‘They Don’t Care About Us.’


In his Art Of Dialogue interview, Napoleon states that “Michael Jackson was probably mad at Pac for walking out” on the studio session that was booked. “Michael Jackson was probably getting revenge, (ok), you know you walked out on me,” says Napoleon. He also believes that perhaps QD3 story might be correct since he knew Michael Jackson personally since he was a kid being Quincy Jones’ son. The former Outlaw also says it is okay for people to like Biggie over Tupac and there is nothing wrong with people turning down Tupac Shakur back then for a collaboration.

Danny Boy, who collaborated with Shakur, said he remembered Michael Jackson actually vibing to 2Pac’s music during a studio session for the rapper’s fourth album, All Eyez on Me. According to Danny Boy, QD3’s comments were not a reflection of how Michael Jackson felt about ‘Pac.


“Shut up, lies,” Danny Boy said about QD3 claiming Michael Jackson chose sides between ‘Pac and Big. “I hate to be like that wasn’t said, but I remember myself being in the meeting with Michael Jackson and the All Eyez on Me album being played for him, and Michael went crazy. So I don’t see him saying he messed with Biggie and not 2Pac, or you know what I’m saying.

He added: “[Death Row Records co-founder] Suge [Knight] and the Jacksons are very close. They were at that time, so that just don’t sound right to me.”

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