Tupac’s Biological Brother Speaks For 1st Time Ever

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Tupac’s Biological Brother Speaks For 1st Time Ever

Tupac Shakur’s biological brother, Billy Garland Jr., breaks his silence by speaking about his famous brother and more.

William “Billy” Garland (born March 14, 1949) to African American parents. Garland’s great-grandparents were the “first generation immigrant” Sub-Saharan African-Americans.

His brother is also an artist who goes by the name of “5Faces” and he breaks down his thoughts on the rapper who has influenced millions of people over the decades. He says “Pac damn near raised me” through his music as he never got to see his iconic brother. Shakur died when he was 11 and he did indeed knew of him states Billy Garland Jr.

We learn that his father was indeed a black activist belonging to the Black Panther Party, maintained a relationship with Afeni Shakur (also affiliated with the party).

September 13th is one of his cousin’s birthday and he learned of the death on radio. “I cried all night” and “worse cry” of his life was explained. Four boys and two girls are revealed who are the other blood brothers and sisters of Tupac.

The father of Tupac Shakur heard of his death on the radio too. Remembering then 1994 Quad studio shooting, he says his dad first got to see Tupac in the hospital after the incident. He was four years old when the shooting took place.

Check out the interview below.

In the second installment of the interview, Billy Garland Jr. speaks on the infamous scenario with Tupac Shakur, Ayana Jackson, and the friends he had at the time. “5Faces” believes “something happened to her, but I don’t believe it was at the hands of Pac by any means.”

Reiterating his own brother’s words, “he was the name in that room, everybody knows who Tupac is. It just naturally fell on him.” The tension Tupac had with cops also didn’t help his cause either since he had that shooting incident with them prior. Check out more of the interview below.

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