Danny Boy Says Michael Jackson Chose Biggie Over Tupac A Lie


Danny Boy Says Michael Jackson Chose Biggie Over Tupac A Lie

Former Death Row artist denies Quincy “QD3” Jones III, the son of Quincy Jones claim that the legendary Michael Jackson said no to a collaboration with Tupac Shakur because of Notorious B.I.G.

A few weeks ago, social media was in a frenzy over an article that appeared on BET’s website. Appearing in BET’s oral history of The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, QD3 claimed that the joint was meant to be the “Thug Nature” but was never fulfilled. “So I set up a meeting at Neverland [Ranch],” he said. “I go up there and told Michael about it. And do you know what Micheal said? He liked Biggie.” The track, which actually sampled Jackson’s “Human Nature,” didn’t make it to Makaveli but eventually found its way to the Death Row Records compilation album Too Gangsta For Radio amongst other 2Pac posthumous projects.

Now Danny Boy, who has collaborated with Tupac Shakur on songs like “I Aint Mad At Ya,” has refuted this claim. He says he saw Michael Jackson listening to “All Eyez On Me” himself and that he “went crazy” over Tupac’s music. The former Death Row artist believes the real issue was most likely the “rough content lyrics” that was going to be on Killuminati 7 Day Theory. He believes that caused Michael Jackson to balk at the idea of the collaboration.  At the time he states people like C. Dolores Tucker were trying to close Death Row records down.

Danny Boy thinks it is comical to think Michael Jackson chose sides in the beef between Tupac and Biggie. The singer states he was in a meeting with Michael Jackson himself and the original plan was for Danny Boy singing with MJ on a Christmas song for Death Row. “I don’t see him saying that he messed with Biggie and not with Tupac.” Danny Boy also said Suge Knight was close to the Jacksons family at that time period as well.

Check out the interview clip below.

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