Suge Knight & Snoop Give Drake Unsavory Reaction To Kendrick Diss

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Suge Knight & Snoop Give Drake Unsavory Reaction To Kendrick Diss

In his latest remarks, Suge Knight issued a stern warning to Drake, cautioning him about the potential repercussions of involving Tupac Shakur in his ongoing feud with Kendrick Lamar. Knight expressed his concern that Drake’s use of AI-generated verses from Tupac and Snoop Dogg in his track “Taylor Made Freestyle” could provoke ire from various West Coast gangs.

During the latest episode of “Collect Call With Suge Knight,” the former Death Row Records mogul addressed the controversy surrounding Drake’s actions. He emphasized Tupac’s significance and legacy, highlighting that Tupac was no mere pawn to be exploited for entertainment purposes.

“Young people do what young people do,” he began. “It’s y’all turn, but regarding the homie ‘Pac, he wasn’t no chump. Putting him on a song and dissing Kendrick [Lamar] for everybody entertainment — that ain’t how it go.”


“Then putting him on a song with Snoop, who was a part of his downfall and exit, ain’t ever a good look. ‘Pac was a king on that chessboard. He never was a pawn, so he can’t make him be a pawn now,” Knight stated.
Knight reiterated his previous insinuations regarding Snoop Dogg‘s alleged involvement in Tupac’s demise, emphasizing the sensitivity and complexity of the situation. He warned against trivializing Tupac’s memory by depicting him as a mere tool in a rap beef.


According to the imprisoned rap label head of the 90s, Drake is “sneaking in the Lion’s den” of West Coast gang members who could unite the various affiliates. “The West Coast is a whole state of real gang members of all colors, all races,” he added. “Enter with caution.”  He underscored the presence of authentic gang members across the West Coast, urging Drake to approach the situation with caution.

Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg responded to Drake’s track in an Instagram video, expressing confusion and disbelief at the news, before humorously dismissing the inquiries and opting to return to bed.

“They did what? When? How? Are you sure? [Sigh] Y’all have a good night,” he said in the clip. “Why everybody calling my phone, blowing me up? What the f###— what happened? What’s going on? I’m going back to bed. Good night.”

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