Kanye says Drake has a “rich baby daddy”


Kanye says Drake has a “rich baby daddy”

Kanye West and Drake have a history of beef, despite attempts at reconciliation. Recently, Kanye stirred the pot again with his verse on the “Like That” remix, taking shots at both J. Cole and Drake. Given Cole’s past jabs at Kanye, it seemed like karma catching up. Social media predictably exploded with memes.


Around the same time, Kanye sat down for an interview with Justin Laboy, discussing the remix and his motivations. Future’s call prompted his involvement, and he spoke about the charged atmosphere surrounding Drake’s recent controversies. Kanye’s statement about the collective excitement over Drake’s “elimination” underscores the intensity of animosity toward him.

Drake, however, isn’t taking it lying down. He fired back with “Push Ups,” targeting Kendrick Lamar, and followed up with the potentially decisive “Taylor Made Freestyle.” With so many artists entangled, it remains to be seen if Lamar will join the fray.


“I can’t even think of a Drake line,” he said, attacking the star’s lyrics.

West also criticised Drake’s record deal with Universal Music, suggesting he’d sold the rights to his music for “little bag” (money).

“Lifetime deal? I feel bad for [you],” he said.

West’s remix was premiered on Justin Laboy’s radio show The Download – and opened with the line “Yo Dot, I got you,” a reference to Lamar’s nickname, K-Dot.

The Justin Laboy interview also included Kanye taking aim at the system that enables Drake to succeed in his viewpoint. “Drake has a rich baby daddy, named Lucian [Grainge] and Universal. He’s like, my daddy control the spins, my daddy got the DSPs,” says the ex husband of Kim Kardashian.

On Friday, the Canadian star released a new track called Taylor Made Freestyle – in which he suggested Lamar was unwilling to engage in the feud because he was in cahoots with Swift, and didn’t want to overshadow (or be overshadowed) by her album release.

“If you ’bout to drop, she gotta approve/This girl really ’bout to make you act like you not in a feud,” he goaded: “Yeah, shoutout to Taylor Swift/Biggest gangster in the music game right now.”

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