Suge Knight & P. Diddy Subpoenaed in 2Pac Murder Trial

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Suge Knight & P. Diddy Subpoenaed in 2Pac Murder Trial

The lawyer for Keefe D has done an interview with 8 News Now and revealed that P. Diddy and Suge Knight getting subpoenaed for the Tupac murder trial.

The lawyer representing Duane “Keffe D” Davis, the man accused of orchestrating the 1996 murder of rapper Tupac Shakur, said the public should not believe his client as he prepares to represent him in what is setting up to be the year’s biggest trial.

His attorney says “don’t believe him” in regards to commentary his client has stated in various interviews on different platforms that include mainstream outlets such as BET. Carl Arnold says Keefe D is an outright “liar” and the whole scenario with his arrest is “unfair” because he felt he had protection from his earlier statements.


The earlier statements involved an investigation by LA police department over the death of hip hop legend Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Smalls. Keefe D’s attorney states the information he provided was to piece together what could have happened, but felt he should be compensated after his statement became public by the detective in the documentary entitled “Murder Rap.”


Arnold says he took the opportunity to make money from his statement when he was approached by outlets on Youtube and elsewhere. He believes it is now up to the prosecutors to prove that his statements are true as he admits that his client can’t be trusted. Arnold says he did not commit the crime and he does not know murdered the legendary hip hop artist. He believes his client will walk due to his testimonies not being credible.

The biggest take from the interview is that Carl Arnold plans to subpoena both Suge Knight and P. Diddy for the murder trial. Diddy is currently embroiled in controversy of accusations of sex trafficking and other past crimes such as the 1999 Club New York shooting that had rapper turned politician Shyne doing a prison bid. Suge Knight is also currently incarcerated and told TMZ months ago that he would not testify if called to court. Keefe D’s lawyer interview can be seen in the video below.


Producer Del Ray Richardson, who has interviewed the father of Tupac Shakur, Billy Garland in the past, gives his viewpoint on why the lawyer’s defense may not stick when the trial actually begins in the video below.




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