Richard Chevolleau Short Film “Marvelous Marvin” Set to go to Camera


Richard Chevolleau Short Film “Marvelous Marvin” Set to go to Camera

Toronto, On – Richard Chevolleau, a Canadian Gemini and Actra award winning actor is going to camera summer 2024 on his latest short film, “Marvelous Marvin.” Chevolleau brings his director/writer/producer skills to the table for the project.

“Marvelous Marvin” is produced by Three Finger Film Productions Inc. Chevolleau’s production company, executive produced by Richard Fagon & Angie Reid. The film stars Knyght Darius Jack, (Accused, Blues Clues, Grayson’s Encounter) Angie Reid (Coroner, Slip, Promise Me) Shanice Banton (Degrassi: The Next Generation, Murdoch Mysteries, Lifetme’s Her Stolen Past) and actor Michael Brown (Four Brothers, Hudson & Rex, Diggstown). Chevolleau’s sensitive and heartwarming film is a coming-of-age drama. “Marvelous Marvin” follows the journey of quite ten-year-old, Marvin Marvellus who lives in a small rural town. Marvin has caught the wrath of the schoolyard bully Tiny and endures daily bullying from the boy. Marvin feels defeated and helpless until one day he discovers his father’s vintage super hero comics. He finds inspiration in the comic book heroes, leading him to believe that he can become a real-life superhero. He wears a make-shift cape and calls himself, Marvelous Marvin. But, even with the name change and cape, Marvin realizes that defeating his bully isn’t that simple. He finally confronts his tormentor and by standing up to him Marvin discovers that courage comes from within if you believe in yourself. Being a passionate and character focused actor, it’s no surprise that Chevolleau will educate and inspire us with “Marvelous Marvin.”

Richard Chevolleau is a native of Kingston, Jamaica. The multi-talented artist has honed his career over the years by living and working in New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver Calgary, Ottawa, and Toronto, where he currently resides. Chevolleau pays attention to his craft and knows you cannot stay quiet and every day is a journey. By directing, writing and producing projects, Chevolleau makes sure his work is heard on his terms, in the stories and characters he creates. Along with “Marvelous Marvin” Chevolleau has a slate of projects to come. The actor is currently in pre-production as the creator, writer & producer on the upcoming feature film, ‘STINKY: THE NILO GOODMAN STORY.’

“Marvelous Marvin delivers a powerful message about the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of inner strength in the face of adversity.”
Richard Chevolleau

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