Drake Continues Beef With DJ Vlad of Vladtv


Drake Continues Beef With DJ Vlad of Vladtv

Drake, a heavyweight in the music industry, has recently made his voice heard in the realm of hip-hop media. While he’s been more focused on interviews with outlets like Bobbi Althoff and Barstool Sports, he’s well aware of the key players in the landscape. The topic of the “Big Three” in hip-hop media was sparked by Adam22, who proposed himself, DJ Vlad, and DJ Akademiks as the trio. This notion led to some friction, particularly with Joe Budden, who was seemingly dismissed in the discussion.

Drake recently weighed in on this debate during a podcast with Adam22. While discussing the Big Three, Drake subtly implied that Joe Budden should be recognized over DJ Vlad. Despite any personal issues between Drake and Budden, it appears that Drake still holds respect for Budden’s podcasting prowess. As for DJ Vlad, opinions remain divided, with some admiring his interview style while others harbor reservations.

The ongoing debate sheds light on the diverse perspectives within hip-hop media. While DJ Akademiks seems to be a common denominator in the discussion, each figure brings their own unique approach and audience. As the conversation continues, it’s clear that hip-hop media remains an ever-evolving and dynamic space.


In a 2021 conversation with DJ Akademiks, DJ Vlad, shared an anecdote revealing the strained relationship between himself and Drake.

According to Vlad, the rift between him and Drake traces back to 2014 at a Beats By Dre event. During their encounter, Drake made his sentiments clear by bluntly stating, “Stop Talkin Shit About Me.”

In response, Vlad asserts that he has consistently shown support for Drake throughout the years, with numerous articles and coverage praising the artist’s achievements. He emphasizes the positive coverage he has provided, contrasting it with any instances of criticism from other figures in the industry.



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