Lil Wayne Confirms Kendrick Lamar’s Claims Drake Slept With His Girlfriend


Lil Wayne Confirms Kendrick Lamar’s Claims Drake Slept With His Girlfriend

The Drake & Kendrick Lamar beef has become legendary where mainstream news outlets are even reporting on it.

Lil Wayne who has been instrumental in the career of the Toronto born rap star has also caught a stray in the beef between KDot and Drizzy. Lamar raps, “Fucked on Wayne’s girl while he was in jail, that’s conniving / Then get his face tatted like a bitch, apologizing.”

Lil Wayne has confirmed the situation in a past interview. He first mentioned it in 2016’s Gone ‘Til November, which details his time in prison for weapon possession.

To be fair, the act of betrayal happened before Wayne and the unnamed began dating, but it hurt him.

“As a man, honestly, that shit hurt…and not because it was Drake. It could’ve been any man and it would’ve hurt the same. She said it happened way before we got together, but she just never told me.”


**Drake vs. Kendrick: The Background**

For over a decade, Kendrick Lamar, a 17-time Grammy winner and the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Music recipient, has stirred controversy with his bold claim as “the greatest rapper alive.” Despite past collaborations with both Cole and Drake, Lamar has not shied away from taking shots at them. Examples include his guest verse on the 2013 Big Sean track “Control” and his memorable jab at Drake during the BET Awards of the same year. Moreover, many fans interpret his 2015 song “King Kunta” as a reference to allegations of Drake using ghostwriters.

Last autumn, Drake released his eighth album “For All The Dogs,” featuring a track with J. Cole titled “First Person Shooter.” The song, which swiftly rose in the US charts, notably referenced a contemporary hip-hop triumvirate involving Lamar, Drake, and Cole.

**March 22: Future and Metro Boomin Release “Like That” (feat. Kendrick Lamar)**

The current phase of the beef between Drake and Lamar commenced officially with the release of “Like That” by Future and Metro Boomin, featuring an unexpected verse from Lamar. This verse included several digs at Drake, notably referencing his 2023 song “First Person Shooter.”

**April 12: Future and Metro Boomin Release “We Still Don’t Trust You”**

Nearly three weeks after “Like That,” Drake’s highly anticipated response emerged in the form of a leaked track titled “Push Ups,” later officially released on April 19. In this song, Drake targeted various figures, including The Weeknd, Rick Ross, Metro Boomin, J. Cole, and prominently, Lamar.

**May 3: Kendrick Lamar Releases “6:16 in LA”**

Just days later, Lamar dropped another diss track, parodying Drake’s tradition of timestamped songs. The track contained multiple references to Drake, including insinuations about a mole within Drake’s circle.

**May 3: Drake Releases “Family Matters”**

Drake retaliated swiftly with “Family Matters,” accusing Lamar of soliciting a cease-and-desist from Tupac Shakur’s estate and implying domestic abuse, though no public allegations against Lamar have ever been made. The song also targeted Rick Ross, Baby Keem, The Weeknd, and Metro Boomin, with subtle jabs at Lamar throughout the video.

**May 3: Kendrick Lamar Releases “Meet the Grahams”**

In a rapid-fire response to Drake’s “Family Matters,” Lamar dropped “Meet the Grahams,” directly confronting Drake and members of his family. The song accused Drake of various personal and ethical failings, including absentee fatherhood, cosmetic surgery, and substance abuse.

**May 4: Kendrick Lamar Releases “Not Like Us”**

The next day, Lamar issued another blistering diss track, making severe and unsubstantiated allegations against Drake, including accusations of pedophilia and running a sex trafficking ring with OVO Sound members.

**May 5: Metro Boomin Releases “BBL Drizzy”**

Producer Metro Boomin added insult to injury by sharing a Soundcloud link to “BBL Drizzy,” offering a free beat for the best verse. The response was both humorous and crushing for Drake.

**May 5: Drake Releases “The Heart Part 6″**

Drake claimed to have deliberately fed false information to Lamar’s camp, implying a level of manipulation in their ongoing feud.

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