Kendrick Lamar Has Hit Em Up Type Diss States Joe Budden Co-Host


Kendrick Lamar Has Hit Em Up Type Diss States Joe Budden Co-Host

According to a co-host of the Joe Budden Podcast, Kendrick Lamar’s anticipated response to Drake’s recent diss track might pack the same fiery punch as 2Pac’s legendary “Hit ‘Em Up.” The tension between Kendrick and Drake has been palpable since Kendrick’s “Like That,” which controversially declared an end to the “big three” dominance. Drake swiftly fired back with “Push Ups,” and now fans eagerly await Kendrick’s retaliation. If he doesn’t respond soon, Drake could claim victory by default.

The Joe Budden Podcast has dissected this feud extensively, with co-host Ish speculating on Kendrick’s impending move. Though Ish hasn’t heard the track firsthand, insiders suggest it mirrors the intensity of 2Pac’s iconic diss. “Some people that have heard the Kendrick track,” Ish revealed, “I heard that his energy is just something that’s going to be hard for Drake to match. They said he’s coming on some Pac ‘Hit Em Up’ energy.” If true, it promises a seismic shift in the hip-hop landscape. Yet, there’s also the possibility that the track doesn’t exist—a suspense that only Kendrick can resolve, given his aversion to social media theatrics.
Drake officially drops the song “Push Ups” on all streaming services, and taunts Kendrick Lamar with the song’s cover art.

What’s your take on this unfolding drama? With Drake’s response now public, is Kendrick under pressure to strike back? And if he does, do you believe he’ll emerge victorious in this lyrical clash? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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