Kayla Janae Talks About New Music, Dream Collabs, & Much More


Kayla Janae Talks About New Music, Dream Collabs, & Much More

Kayla Janae gets interviewed with WorldWide Entertainment TV Media about her latest music, her favorite artists to collab with, her thoughts on greatest artists ever and much more.

Kayla Janae is a multi-talented artist poised to make waves in the entertainment industry. As a singer, songwriter, and recording artist, her music, a blend of R&B and pop, showcases her versatility and soulful sound.

Kayla’s highly anticipated EP, titled “Always and Forever” is a collection of songs showcasing her unique songwriting skills and her ability to connect with listeners. The EP features heartfelt and relatable songs that touch upon themes of love, loss, and moving forward.

In addition to the EP, Kayla is excited to announce the upcoming release of her first original single. This track promises to be a standout moment in Kayla’s career, leaving a lasting impression on her growing fanbase.

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In conjunction with her musical pursuits, Kayla has performed at renowned venues such as “The Perfect Note.” She has also showcased her skills at open mics and various other events, further solidifying her reputation as a live performer. Not only is Kayla an exceptional musical artist, but she is also a talented model and actress. In addition, she is a skilled dancer and budding choreographer.

With her impressive resume, undeniable talent, and the release of her debut EP, Kayla Janae’s goal is to make a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. Whether she’s creating charismatic lyrics, entertaining audiences with her performances, or bringing characters to life, Kayla’s passion and dedication shine through in everything she does. Keep an eye out for this rising star as she continues to make her mark in the world of music, modeling, acting, and dance.

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