Is Jay-Z Really Next After Diddy? What does 50 Cent Know?


Is Jay-Z Really Next After Diddy? What does 50 Cent Know?

The disgraced hip hop mogul Diddy has been on the news cycle over the last few months after Cassie won an alleged $30 million civil suit against her former mate.

The latest news bite includes two of Diddy’s home being raided by homeland security. A court document was also publicized that contained information that included rapper 50 Cent’s baby mother50 Cent’s baby mother allegedly apart of a sex worker ring by Diddy.

It has been well known the tension Cutis Jackson has with Diddy over the years and this latest news has only enforced the Power Universe executive to have more disdain for Sean Combs.

Now 50 Cent is reacting to another court document that alleges an incident with producer and ex husband of of Faith Evans, Stevie J, on social media. Check out Hodge Twins reaction below.

However, 50 Cent has also took aim at one of Diddy’s closest friends in Sean Carter, better known as Jay-Z.

Ever since the Cassie civil suit, 50 Cent claims he has gone missing in action.some believe that Curtis Jackson may know more surrounding a connection between the billionaires.

Check out this video below by Cultured Covered describing a possible connection to an underground corrupted enterprise between the hip hop billionaires.

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