Yung Miami & 50 Cent Baby Mother Caught Up In Court Documents With Diddy

Yung Miami & 50 Cent Baby Mother Caught Up In Court Documents With Diddy

Yung Miami, one half of the hip-hop duo City Girls, has been accused of transporting a substance known as “Pink Cocaine” on behalf of Diddy.

Yung Miami has found herself entangled in legal proceedings, accused of involvement in transporting “pink cocaine,” also known as “tuci,” for Diddy, as detailed in an amended lawsuit filed by producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones.


In the amended lawsuit filed on Monday (March 25), Lil Rod expanded upon his previous claims against Diddy, providing additional information across 25 pages, as revealed in court documents obtained by XXL on Wednesday (March 27). The updated filing delves deeper into allegations regarding Diddy’s purported affinity for “pink cocaine,” a blend of ecstasy and cocaine allegedly obtained through his alleged drug courier, Brendan Paul.


According to the court documents, during rehearsals for “Something in the Westival” in Virginia, Lil Rod claims to have personally witnessed Diddy indulging in cocaine in his dressing room. When Diddy expressed a desire for “tuci” but discovered it was unavailable, defendant Kristina Khorram purportedly contacted Yung Miami, who then purportedly transported the substance on a private jet from Miami.

These claims add a new layer of complexity to the legal battle surrounding Diddy, who has previously refuted the allegations made by Lil Rod in his initial lawsuit.




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