John Amos & Bernadette Stanis Not Fans Of Good Times Reboot


John Amos & Bernadette Stanis Not Fans Of Good Times Reboot

BernNadette Stanis has shared her thoughts on the recent controversy swirling around the revamped “Good Times” cartoon, and it’s safe to say she’s not pleased with how things are shaping up.

As the original star of ‘Good Times,’ where she portrayed Thelma Evans, BernNadette Stanis recently appeared on ‘TMZ Live’ to express her sentiments regarding Netflix’s animated reboot. The consensus among many is that the new series, intended to represent a fresh generation, has garnered criticism for its seemingly regressive portrayal.

Stanis revealed that she was initially approached about participating in the show, but it appears that collaboration didn’t come to fruition. Moreover, the original concept she was presented with seemed promisingly progressive. However, upon witnessing the final product, she finds it to be anything but.

Additionally, Stanis shed light on the late Norman Lear’s perspective on the reboot. Lear, the mastermind behind ‘Good Times,’ seemed to have reservations about the idea even during his lifetime. It appears that, in Stanis’s estimation, the venture might have been misguided from its inception.

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John Amos, who portrayed the patriarch of the Evans family, shares similar skepticism about the reboot’s potential to surpass the original. While he refrains from forming a solid opinion until viewing the episodes, he acknowledges the high standard set by Lear and the original cast. Amos wishes the new team the best but suggests they face a considerable challenge in matching the blend of entertainment and education achieved by the original series.

The original James Evan stated, “I really can’t form an opinion, as I’ve not seen any of the episodes yet. Norman and the entire cast and company set the bar pretty high. They’ll have a hard time reaching that level of entertainment (and) education. I wish them the best.

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