Good Times Original Cast, Eric Monte’s Mike Evans’s Family Disapproves ‘Good Times’ Remake

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Good Times Original Cast, Eric Monte’s Mike Evans’s Family Disapproves ‘Good Times’ Remake

Families of Eric Monte and Mike Evans and original cast have now open up about the Good Times remake set to premiere on Netflix in April. People who have viewed the trailer online have mixed reactions to this animation.

Veteran actor and comedian Slink Johnson stops by ‘Comedy Hype Late Night’ with Symphony Thompson to open up about his newest project, the ‘Good Times’ animation coming to Netflix in April. As you may know, many people have spoken out against the project and in his talk with Symphony and Lester Greene; Johnson explains why he decided to take on the series and gives his thoughts about the backlash.

The original cast of Good Times aren’t thrilled over the new portrayal of their classic show. The Hollywood Reporter states John Amos and Bernadette Stanis talked about the project saying, “They figured, if you put us in there, it wouldn’t look so bad.”

The original series first aired premiering in February 1974, and thus 2024 marks the 50th anniversary of Good Times. “Probably a lot of people don’t know how Hollywood works,” Stanis says. “A lot of times, you use a certain name to open up the door for a new show. That could be what it is. But I’m sure a lot of people will be a little confused at first because they have to think that it’s us. They think, ‘Oh, my God! That’s got to be Thelma, J.J. [Jimmie Walker] and Michael [Ralph Carter].’ And then you come in there, and you don’t see anything like that.”

Actress Yvette Nicole Brown had a bone to pick with her fans after some of them questioned why she got involved with the dumpster fire reactions over Netflix’s Good Times.

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