Glorilla Arrested After Traffic Stop For Sobriety

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Glorilla Arrested After Traffic Stop For Sobriety

GloRilla, the formidable force in the rap scene, finds herself entangled in legal troubles following her recent encounter with law enforcement. The Memphis-born rapper, known as Gloria Hallelujah Woods, was apprehended on Tuesday, April 16th, following an incident involving the police in Gwinnett County, GA. Here’s a breakdown of the unfolding events.

As reported by TMZ, the arrest transpired around 4 a.m. when authorities observed a vehicle making an illegal U-turn at a red light. Suspecting the driver, the police initiated a traffic stop for further investigation. Upon approaching the vehicle, they detected odors of cannabis and alcohol emanating from within. GloRilla, who disclosed that she had been at a venue earlier, admitted to consuming alcohol but insisted she was capable of driving safely, refraining from specifying the quantity consumed.

Subsequently, GloRilla underwent a field sobriety test, during which she displayed signs of impairment, such as difficulty maintaining balance and following instructions. Allegedly, she performed poorly on various assessments including eye-tracking, walking in a straight line, and standing on one leg. Matters escalated when GloRilla reportedly declined to undergo a breathalyzer test. Additionally, it’s noted that a wardrobe malfunction occurred, with one of her breasts becoming exposed prior to her arrest.

Fortunately, the ordeal was short-lived for the Memphis artist. She was taken into custody on charges including DUI, possession of an open container, and disregarding a traffic signal. Her vehicle was retrieved by an associate while she was transported to the station. After posting a bond of $1,956, GloRilla was released, according to WSBTV.


As of now, GloRilla has not directly addressed her arrest. However, she posted an image of herself with a bottle of Taylor Port upon her release, drawing criticism from some fans. Despite the incident, she continues to promote her single, “Wanna Be” featuring Megan Thee Stallion, with her Instagram inundated with posts related to the single’s challenge. Nonetheless, GloRilla’s arrest has also garnered attention from trolls, including Kay’la Lillard, estranged wife of Damian Lillard, who shared GloRilla’s purported mugshot on her Instagram Story.

Looking ahead, one can only hope for a swift resolution to the legal matter surrounding GloRilla, especially with her upcoming tour plans. Following the release of her single with Megan Thee Stallion, GloRilla is slated to join the 2024 Hot Girl Summer tour, commencing in Minneapolis on May 14th. With her recent project, “Ehhthang Ehhthang,” making waves on the charts, GloRilla remains a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

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