Reactions To Rick Ross Calling Out Drake Over N-Word


Reactions To Rick Ross Calling Out Drake Over N-Word

Tensions between Rick Ross and Drake have reached new heights recently, with Rozay stoking the flames further. The feud kicked off when Drake dropped his much-anticipated response to recent disses, “Push Ups.” In the track, Drake takes aim at Metro Boomin, Future, and notably, Kendrick Lamar. He didn’t spare Ross either, taunting him about his age, threatening to steal his girl, and suggesting that “every chart-topping song he has is thanks to Drizzy.”

Unsurprisingly, Rick Ross wasted no time in firing back with his own diss track, “Champagne Moments.” In his response, he accuses Drake of undergoing cosmetic surgery, issuing cease and desist orders to French Montana, and more. Drake has refuted the nose job rumors, but the two continue to exchange mostly veiled insults online.


A Toronto street DVD from the earlier part of the millennium entitled Ambush TV had one of Drake’s first interviews ever. In the segment filmed in his own studio, the rapper was speaking about the Toronto scene with other hip hip artists at the time. During the interview, the Canadian artist uses the N word without the vernacular that is heard on millions of rap songs. Rick Ross took the segment to show Drake’s usage of the word may be due to him not being really for the culture in his own mind.

Check out the reactions to the video below.

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