Chrisean Rock’s Son Grandmother Calls Her & Son Slow

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Chrisean Rock’s Son Grandmother Calls Her & Son Slow

Addressing recent rumors surrounding her son’s well-being, Chrisean Rock took to Instagram to set the record straight. In a video shared on Sunday (April 28), she refuted claims suggesting that her son, Chrisean Jesus Malone Jr., faces health challenges.

The rumors sparked after Chrisean posted a video from a restaurant outing with her son, where some observers noted his lack of blinking. In response, she firmly stated, “My son is healthy. He’s not blind, he’s not mentally challenged. He’s a child, plain and simple.” Asserting her son’s vitality, she emphasized his blessed status and dismissed the unfounded speculations.

Refusing to entertain baseless gossip, Chrisean reiterated her confidence in her son’s well-being, recalling his dedication ceremony and expressing gratitude for his health. She concluded with a resolute message: “All y’all gonna see is him proving you wrong.”


“My son Chrisean Jesus Malone Jr.—he’s straight,” she said in the video below. “The f**k? He’s a billion-dollar baby, so stay tuned. No, he’s not blind. No, he’s not retarded, n***a He’s a f**king child. F**k, it got me f**ked up. But it’s cool though. It is real cool how y’all just, that’s all wanna sit up and talk about. That’s fine.”

She continued: “My baby’s blessed from the head to his toe. Like what? Y’all forgot when he got dedicated on the seventh day? Like what? All I gotta say is, ‘God glory, God glory.’ All y’all gon’ see is him proving you n***as wrong. And that’s all that matters … I really don’t give two f**ks, for real. But I’m not even addressing nothing because I don’t give a f**k.”

This isn’t the first time Chrisean has defended her son against rumors. Last year, she confronted similar speculation regarding fetal alcohol syndrome prompted by an unflattering photo. Emphatically, she affirmed her son’s health and condemned the dissemination of unauthorized images online.

In the face of unfounded rumors, Chrisean Rock remains steadfast in her commitment to her son’s welfare, reaffirming his thriving condition and denouncing unwarranted scrutiny. However, Blueface’s mother jumped on social media to cosign comments about her grandson by some observers.

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