Cardi B Reacts To BIA Over Diss With Possible Sue Over “SUE MEEE?”

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Cardi B Reacts To BIA Over Diss With Possible Sue Over “SUE MEEE?”

Cardi B Threatens To Sue BIA Over Diss Track: Fans React to “SUE MEEE?”

While some mocked Cardi B for her lawsuit threat, others believed BIA could’ve delivered a harsher diss. However, many were impressed by the track.

Rap beef in 2024 is like a hydra: cut off one, and three more appear. Cardi B and BIA have officially transitioned from rumored tensions to an explicit feud, with BIA’s diss track “SUE MEEE?” targeting Cardi. The track has received a positive reception online, with praise for BIA’s wordplay and flow. Reactions varied, though, with some defending Cardi, others mocking her, and a few suggesting BIA could’ve gone harder. The track’s “Like That”-style beat and personal jabs have cemented it among this year’s notable diss tracks.


The feud escalated due to accusations from fans that Cardi B was copying BIA’s style, a claim BIA seems to agree with. While influence and inspiration are often contentious issues in the music industry, distinguishing between homage and imitation can be subjective. Regardless of where you stand, fans’ opinions are vocal and varied.

Tensions peaked when Cardi B appeared to diss BIA on the “Wanna Be” remix, originally by GloRilla and Megan Thee Stallion. BIA responded mockingly online, making it clear she saw this as a direct insult. Subtle disses can be hard to confirm, but this time the speculation had substance. This scenario, unfortunately, is common among female rappers, but the truth behind this particular feud has emerged clearly. Check out some reactions to “SUE MEEE?” below.


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