Cardi B Addresses Feud with BIA, Reveals “Very Nasty” Phone Call

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Cardi B Addresses Feud with BIA, Reveals “Very Nasty” Phone Call

Cardi B disclosed details about a heated phone conversation with fellow rapper BIA, describing it as “very nasty.” She mentioned that she recorded the call due to the unpredictable nature of their exchange.

During an Instagram live stream on Saturday night, captured by DJ Akademiks, Cardi B explained that the conversation with BIA quickly escalated. “It started off very nasty and very aggressive,” she said. “I was coming at her and she was coming at me.” Cardi B decided to record the call, stating, “you just never know with these hoes.”

Cardi B expressed her frustration, saying she was appalled that BIA accused her of copying her style. “There’s nothing that she does that I like,” Cardi said. “I don’t like her music. I don’t like her style. I don’t like how she looks. I don’t like anything about her. I don’t even see the b*tch.”

Cardi B and BIA’s Ongoing Feud

The tension between Cardi B and BIA has been simmering since at least last year, but it intensified recently with the release of the remix to “Wanna Be” by Megan Thee Stallion and GloRilla. On the track, Cardi B seemingly disses BIA with the lyrics: “Though she was on the shelf, IKEA/ Hope she talk like that when I see her/ B*tch please, don’t nobody wanna be ya.”

In response, BIA took to Twitter, posting: “BTCHS IS WACK. BTCHS IS TRASH. I SHOULD HANG B*TCHS RIGHT OVER MY KNEE, THE WAY I BE PUTTIN MY BELT TO THEY ASSSSSSSS.” This exchange has only added fuel to their ongoing rivalry.

Cardi B Addresses Feud With BIA


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