Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Take on ‘Mufasa: The Lion King’ in New Prequel


Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Take on ‘Mufasa: The Lion King’ in New Prequel

The Lion King franchise is getting a new addition, and it’s a family affair for Beyoncé and her daughter, Blue Ivy.

Variety reports that Blue Ivy, aged 12, will make her debut alongside her mother in “Mufasa: The Lion King,” a prequel to the 2019 remake. In this installment, Blue Ivy will portray Kiara, the daughter of Samba and Nala, while Beyoncé will reprise her role as Nala. Joining them are returning cast members Donald Glover, Seth Rogan, Billy Eichner, and more.


Set to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical compositions, the film delves into Mufasa’s backstory, exploring his childhood alongside his brother Scar.

“Mufasa: The Lion King” roars into theaters on December 20. Be sure to catch a glimpse of the trailer below:


In other news, Beyoncé opened up about her daughter Blue Ivy’s journey to perfection during the Renaissance Tour.

Criticism of Blue Ivy’s early performances on the tour spurred her to refine her routine. After reading online comments dissecting her dancing skills, the daughter of Beyoncé and JAY-Z dedicated herself to improvement.

According to The New York Times’ review of the upcoming Renaissance Tour concert film, mother and daughter share moments discussing the criticism. Beyoncé was especially proud of Blue Ivy’s resilience, noting her determination to elevate her performances.

In the film, Beyoncé reveals her initial reluctance to let Blue Ivy take the stage, admitting, “She told me she was ready to perform, and I told her no.”

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