YNW Melly Awaits Murder Retrial As Lawyer Criticizes Prosecutors


YNW Melly Awaits Murder Retrial As Lawyer Criticizes Prosecutors

YNW Melly’s first trial for alleged double murder ended in a mistrial, making headlines as one of hip-hop‘s biggest stories last year. The case remains unresolved as he awaits a retrial. Recently, his lawyer, Bradford Cohen, shared a new Instagram post highlighting the intense legal battle between the defense and prosecutors. Cohen criticized the appeals court for upholding a judge’s decision to prevent prosecutors from cross-examining a state attorney if she becomes a witness in the retrial.

Cohen expressed his frustration with the handling of the case by the Broward County, Florida, State Attorney’s Office. “The Broward State Attorney’s Office really screwed this case up,” he wrote on social media. “I have never seen anything like it. They literally refused to pass this case to an unconflicted state attorney’s office after the defense listed one of their own state attorneys as a witness. They wanted to be able to cross-examine the state attorney who essentially became a whistleblower and testified that a police officer lied.”

YNW Melly’s Attorney Speaks Out

“The lower court ruled that the Broward State Attorney’s Office cannot cross-examine one of their own,” Cohen continued. “That means if they stay on the case, there will be no cross-examination of the State Attorney who testified that the lead detective lied about the service of a subpoena. The appellate court just agreed with the lower court. This case has been a circus and mishandled from day one when I got involved. Bad investigation and even a worse trial. It’s unbelievable that the Broward State Attorney’s Office would mishandle such an important double murder case because of ego.”


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Meanwhile, YNW Melly has also been in the news due to a mention by Kendrick Lamar on his Drake diss track, “Euphoria.” Melly commented to TMZ, “Kendrick Lamar is one of my favorite rappers, so I feel honored and appalled… I’m a household name, just for the wrong s**t!” The outcome of the retrial remains to be seen, and whether it will bring better news for him in the future is uncertain.

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