Tony Rock Suggests Will Smith’s Slap Fueled by Jada’s 2Pac’s Love


Tony Rock Suggests Will Smith’s Slap Fueled by Jada’s 2Pac’s Love

Tony Rock, brother of comedian Chris Rock, has shared his perspective on the infamous Oscar slap incident involving Will Smith.

Tony believes the slap stemmed more from Will’s ongoing frustration over Jada Pinkett-Smith’s deep connection with Tupac Shakur than from Chris Rock’s joke. He described the slap as an “accumulation of disrespect” that Will had felt due to Jada’s long-standing admiration for the late rapper.

According to Tony, Will had to endure constant reminders of Tupac being the love of Jada’s life, which likely contributed to his emotional outburst. Tony also noted that even Will and Jada’s daughter had expressed a wish to have met Tupac, further adding to Will’s frustrations.

Tony acknowledged the various rumors circulating about Will and Jada’s private life and firmly stated his loyalty to his brother Chris. He promised that, in his view, the Smiths’ camp is now “jokes forever.”


The friendship between Jada and Tupac remains an iconic part of hip-hop and pop culture history. Their story is often referenced in discussions about Tupac’s life and legacy. Tupac’s death had a profound impact on Jada. She has spoken about the pain of losing him and how it affected her personally and emotionally. Jada has paid tribute to Tupac in various ways over the years, including sharing personal memories, poems, and letters. She has expressed how much he meant to her and how his memory continues to influence her life.

Their relationship faced challenges, particularly as Tupac’s life became more tumultuous with his legal issues and involvement in the East Coast-West Coast rap feud. There was a period when they were not as close, which Jada has expressed regret over. Before Tupac’s untimely death in 1996, there were attempts to reconcile their friendship, but they never fully reconnected. Online jokes have been happening for years as seen below.



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