Rick Ross Says He Got Hit With A Drink In Vancouver & More


Rick Ross Says He Got Hit With A Drink In Vancouver & More

Rick Ross has addressed the violent brawl that erupted after his performance in Vancouver over the weekend. The MMG head appeared to take a blow to the face during the altercation, causing chaos. However, Ross downplayed the incident, claiming he managed to intimidate the man who initially approached him into backing down.

On Thursday (July 4), Rick Ross shared his perspective on the Vancouver altercation through a video posted on his Instagram Stories. In the video, he recounted the events, starting with the initial confrontation.


“I’m thinking about the event that happened over there. Let me tell you something. When the first dude stepped up to Rozay,” Ross began, explaining that he confronted the man directly and warned him. “Boy, if I hit you, I’m gonna see everything you ate for the last two days,” Ross recalled telling the man. “His balls dropped out of his ass. He never said another word, he never did nothing, he was a straight buster.”

Ross continued, “Then the guy behind him said, ‘I know MMA!’ And then I got hit with a drink. I’m still convinced no one punched me.”

Ross mentioned that someone told him, “He hit you,” but he insisted that was not the case. “Nah, he had to throw a drink because throwing a drink would have been way more disrespectful than screaming, ‘I know MMA!'”

In his video, Rick Ross downplayed the physical confrontation and emphasized his belief that he was hit with a drink, not a punch.

July 1 is Canada Day, and Drake is celebrating his home country with a social media message to fans.

“Happy Canada Day,” he said on his Instagram Stories, wearing a Toronto Raptors t-shirt, before lifting up a cocktail. “Cheers to the whole country.”

He also shared a post, captioned: “Custom design fine rhymes into salary. All the way from T-Dot to the Van City all stars.”

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