Kendrick Lamar Stars In Not Like Us Music Video

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Kendrick Lamar Stars In Not Like Us Music Video

Kendrick Lamar released “Not Like Us” music video as seen below.

Kendrick Lamar directed the ‘Not Like Us’ music video with Dave Free. Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” Video unites Compton community and tops charts.

Kendrick Lamar’s highly anticipated music video for “Not Like Us” was shot in Compton on June 22, drawing large crowds eager to witness Lamar perform the explosive track. The song, known for its pointed diss at Drake, has been a major talking point, and the video’s release has only heightened the buzz. Featuring appearances by artists like YG, producer Mustard, and other prominent figures from the Los Angeles rap scene, the production emphasized the unity among various artists and communities in the city.

The excitement for the “Not Like Us” video was especially palpable following Lamar’s historic Juneteenth concert, “The Pop Out: Ken & Friends,” held at the Kia Forum in Inglewood. During this electrifying event, Kendrick performed the diss track multiple times, further fueling his ongoing rivalry with Drake.

The video shoot turned into a community event, with locals and fans joining in, creating an atmosphere of solidarity and celebration. This gathering underscored Kendrick Lamar’s influence and ability to bring together diverse elements of L.A., including Bloods and Crips.

“Not Like Us” achieved significant chart success, marking Kendrick Lamar’s fourth No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Released in May, the track quickly climbed to the top, bolstered by 70.9 million streams and 15,000 traditional sales in its opening week. This milestone follows Lamar’s previous hits like “HUMBLE.” and his collaboration with Taylor Swift on “Bad Blood.”

The track also shattered several streaming records, including breaking the Spotify record for the most-streamed rap song in a single day, surpassing Drake’s previous record. Its success on platforms like Spotify and its dominance on the Canadian streaming charts highlight Lamar’s continued influence. Despite the ongoing debate among fans over the outcome of Lamar’s lyrical battle with Drake, “Not Like Us” has undeniably cemented its place in rap history.


The fans have taken to social media X and have given their take on the visuals indicating the July 4th release of the video and Kendrick calling Drake a colonizer among other things.


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