Cam’ron Channels OJ Simpson for Fourth of July Celebration

Cam’ron Channels OJ Simpson for Fourth of July Celebration

The controversial OJ Simpson still a divisive figure even in death.

Cam’ron, known for his penchant for stirring controversy, did not disappoint during this year’s Fourth of July celebrations. Attending a costume party in Las Vegas, the rapper chose to dress as OJ Simpson, complete with a full football uniform, helmet, and Simpson’s name on the jersey. He shared a video of his outfit on Instagram, captioning it with, “OJ was here!!!! Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY. This ain’t really Our holiday.. But it Feels good not to have to answer to nobody!! #FreeN**ga #IIWII.”

Fans of Cam’ron and Mase’s podcast, It Is What It Is, would recognize the significance of this choice. Cam’ron had formed a close bond with Simpson, who frequently appeared on the podcast to share sports insights and casual conversation. Simpson’s passing in April deeply affected both Cam’ron and Mase, leading them to honor his memory in a podcast episode.

Cam’ron Honors OJ Simpson in Las Vegas


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Cam’ron expressed his admiration and affection for Simpson, saying, “I just wanna say it was great working with OJ. He’ll truly be missed, and I love him like a real, real uncle so I’m really sorry this happened. At the end of the day, I’m glad that we did get to spend the last few months with him.” Despite facing criticism for featuring Simpson, whose past remains controversial, both Cam’ron and Mase stood by their decision. They defended Simpson, emphasizing that he was acquitted of the crimes he was accused of in 1995.

Cam’ron reiterated his belief in Simpson’s innocence, stating, “Look, if he was guilty we wouldn’t have him on the show.” He also suggested that ongoing criticism of Simpson was racially motivated, arguing, “Y’all want to keep convicting an innocent man. He’s innocent. If it was somebody else whiter, y’all would say ‘oh he’s innocent.'”

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