Real Reason For Rick Ross Fight In Vancouver Revealed?


Real Reason For Rick Ross Fight In Vancouver Revealed?

A dramatic confrontation occurred over the weekend in Vancouver, Canada, during the Ignite Music Festival involving Rick Ross and Drake’s fans. The out-of-town rival arrived with his entourage, which included DJ Sam Sneak, his manager, friends, and two bodyguards, according to TMZ. Initially, the reasons behind the altercation were unclear. It was speculated that Ross requested the DJ to play Kendrick Lamar’s diss track aimed at Drake, “Not Like Us.” This infuriated Drake’s fans, leading to a heated confrontation where Ross’s crew was overpowered.

New information from sources at the scene supports this speculation. These sources mentioned that Rick Ross had been provoking Drake online, contributing to the tension. Ross had been relentlessly taunting Drake during their feud, calling him names like “BBL Drizzy” and “cupcake Drake,” and even questioning his authenticity. Ross frequently commented on social media posts mentioning the Canadian star. Despite Drake’s clear loss to Kendrick Lamar, his fans were not willing to tolerate any disrespect, especially on their home ground.

Rick Ross as the Instigator

Despite the altercation, Rick Ross seems to be taking it lightly, even laughing off the incident. “I thought they were bottle service boys ha! Vancouver was fun, til next time,” he commented. Drake, however, is not entirely blameless. He liked a post from a Canadian hip-hop news account that mocked the fans for clashing with Ross. Additionally, Drake has been interacting with Ross’s ex, Tia Kemp, online, fueling the tension. It seems Drake is sending a message to Ross: “Two can play at that game.”


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