Drake Takes On 69 God Moniker During Game

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Drake Takes On 69 God Moniker During Game

It seems Drake is taking a humorous approach to his ongoing feud with Kendrick Lamar.

The lyrical battle between Drake and Kendrick Lamar has been a hot topic of debate. Recently, it appears that Drake, also known as Drizzy, is trying to find humor in the tense situation. Following several intense diss tracks, the general consensus has been that Kendrick came out on top, particularly due to his explosive track “Not Like Us.” In this song, Kendrick accuses Drake and members of his OVO crew of being “certified pedophiles” and repeatedly calls Drake the “69 god.”

However, it seems Drake wasn’t too offended by this nickname. Over the weekend, he was spotted bowling with friends, using “69 god” as his player name. The exact meaning of Kendrick’s lyric remains unclear, though social media users have plenty of theories.

Drake Makes Light of Kendrick Lamar Feud with “Not Like Us” Reference

Last week, Keke Palmer joined the conversation, questioning what the nickname implies. She suggested that if it refers to Drake’s bedroom habits, it could actually be taken as a compliment. Her comments sparked a debate among fans, with many agreeing or sharing their own interpretations of the line. Some believe it could reference fellow artist 6ix9ine, who has faced his own sexual predator allegations.

“Now this is no shade, no tea, but I have a question, okay?” Keke Palmer, SZA’s future buddy comedy partner, began her inquiry. “Because I know the rap kids, they do a lot of little tricks and clever little lines. Especially somebody like Kendrick. But I really am curious of… What’s so bad about being a 69 God? I guess what I’m saying is, far as I knew, 69 was something that just means you’re reciprocal, right? So if you’re a 69 God, you know, what’s so bad about that? I must be missing something. We’ll see, boo.”


Regardless of the interpretation, it’s evident that Drake is unfazed by the shady nickname and has even embraced it. What do you think of Drake making light of Kendrick Lamar’s “69 god” jab during his recent bowling outing? Are you surprised by his reaction?


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