R. Kelly Pulls Plug On Joycelyn Family Reunion

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R. Kelly Pulls Plug On Joycelyn Family Reunion

The family of R. Kelly’s girlfriend have been concerned about her health and wanted a medical check up to decipher if she was mentally stable. The publicist of R. Kelly has been asked about whether or not the singer will allow meetings with the families of his girlfriends who some declare are his “sex slaves”.


In response to inquiries about facilitating such meetings, R. Kelly’s publicist, Darrell Johnson, has been thrust into the spotlight. Johnson previously indicated efforts to arrange meetings between the girlfriends and their families. However, tensions escalated when discussions centered on the logistics and location of these encounters.

Specifically, Joycelyn Savage, one of R. Kelly’s girlfriends, expressed a willingness to meet her parents but insisted that the rendezvous occur in Chicago. Conversely, the Savage family sought a meeting place closer to their home, particularly considering the health challenges facing Joycelyn’s grandmother, who resides outside of Chicago and is battling cancer.


Unfortunately, a resolution couldn’t be reached regarding the meeting’s location, leading to an impasse. Despite attempts to negotiate, including a recorded phone conversation between Johnson and the Savage family’s attorney, Gerald Griggs, a consensus couldn’t be reached. Consequently, plans for a family reunion were indefinitely halted.

Recent reports suggest that R. Kelly’s team has ceased efforts to facilitate the meeting, though no official explanation has been provided for this decision. The uncertainty surrounding the situation underscores the complexities and challenges involved in navigating the relationships between R. Kelly, his girlfriends, and their families amidst mounting public scrutiny and legal controversies.

Sources in Kelly’s camp provided this audio recording of a phone conversation Johnson had 14 days ago with the Savage family’s attorney, Gerald Griggs.

TMZ is now claiming R Kelly’s team is no longer going to try to create a meeting and there is no official reasoning why.




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