Lil Kim Hints at Comeback Tour with “Major” Artist

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Lil Kim Hints at Comeback Tour with “Major” Artist

The Queen Bee, Lil Kim, has set the stage for her return to the limelight, teasing fans with the promise of a thrilling tour alongside a “major artist.”

In a viral video circulating on Tuesday (April 30), Lil Kim revealed plans for the upcoming tour, set to kick off this summer, although precise dates were not disclosed.


“I’ve got something that y’all are going to be so happy about,” she exclaimed in the video. “Oh my God. I’m going on tour with somebody that’s major. Somebody that’s real special. Y’all gonna be so happy.”

Earlier this month, the rap legend took to Instagram to unveil her collaboration with Nike, alongside her rumored younger boyfriend.

During an Instagram Live session on April 13, Lil Kim showcased a custom Adidas top, expressing her excitement about the collaboration. She hinted at “secret” projects with Adidas, showcasing a pair of sneakers from the brand.

However, fans couldn’t help but express skepticism about Lil Kim’s new relationship, particularly due to the significant age gap between her and her rumored beau.


Speculation about Lil Kim’s romantic involvement with the up-and-coming rapper first emerged in February, following a heartfelt message she penned for him.

The “Magic Stick” rapper seemingly confirmed their relationship by publicly praising their bond and sharing videos of their time together.

In an Instagram post celebrating her beau’s birthday, Lil Kim expressed gratitude for their connection and acknowledged his influence on her life and career.

Their close bond, she noted, was marked by shared laughter, late-night conversations, and unwavering support for each other’s aspirations.

Despite occasional annoyances, Lil Kim expressed her love and pride for her partner, affirming her commitment to his success and their enduring friendship.

With Lil Kim’s tour announcement and her flourishing romance, fans eagerly anticipate what’s next for the iconic rapper.

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