Latto Dissed Nicki Minaj & Ice Spice In New Song Say Fans

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Latto Dissed Nicki Minaj & Ice Spice In New Song Say Fans

Latto jumped on social media on Thursday January 27th to announce “tonight” and some fans were right in guessing that she was dropping a diss record.

Fans in recent days were looking at the sales of Ice Spice’s latest project “Like” and were comparing it to Latto’s album sales. Some were pondering why Ice Spice was outselling Latto and if she was the new “it” girl to replace her.

Ice spice and Latto were once cool and friendly, but late last year in October unfollowed each other over a video ice spice posted supporting Nicki Minaj. Latto felt a way and unfollowed ice spice.



At the time, one of Ice Spice’s friends – a New York girl named Cleopatra – made a video suggesting that the “new” rap girls were constantly disrespecting their elders. Latto took offense, and unfollowed Ice Spice and the slid into Ice Spice’s dms to argue with her.

After that DM back and forth, Latto commented to one of Ice Spice’s stories asking, “is there a problem.”

Now fast forward to this week. Latto released a new track, where she dropped the bar, “Play both sides get unfollowed.” Fans believe this was a subliminal shot at Ice Spice.

Yesterday Ice Spice responded to Latto’s subliminal, and she dropped her own track, where she seemingly dissed Latto. in her song “Princess Diana” she allegedly throws shade at Latto, saying the following:

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Latto ended up dropping a single that some believe is aimed towards Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj.


Fans took to social media to speak on the single and there are people who didn’t realize there was beef with the two women. One Twitter user stated, “i ain’t know ice spice and latto was beefing i just thought y’all was comparing them cause they basically the same just different city.”


Another Twitter account asked how are fans turning the single into a beef. “Can someone tell me how y’all turned latto freestyle into a Nicki and ice spice diss? I’m so confused,” says the user.


Latto dropped a profile pic to help push the single and fans have commented their thoughts to the Atlanta rapper.


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